MYAS Compliance

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01. Name of the NSF / Organization. Fencing Association of India
02. Date of last election held along with the details of the electoral college of the said election.                  Last Election held on 18-09-2022 Details
03. (i) Details of recognition of International body (Copy of letter to be posted). View
03. (ii) Details of recognition of Asian body (Copy of letter to be posted). View
04. Name & contact details of FAI office bearers. View
05. Details of ACTC View
06. Annual Audited Account for last 3 financial years along with balance Sheet (As audited by C.a. in CAG’s Panel) View
07. Name and contact details of the firm which audited accounts. View
08. Copy of Valid registration certificate of the federation. View
09. (i) Constitution of the organization (ii) Copy of Memorandum/Articles of the Association. View
10. Affiliation criteria of State / UT/Clubs units along with details of voting rights of each unit. View
11. Name of the affiliation units with their registration numbers. View
12. Name and contact details of President & Secretary of affiliated units. View
13. Details of National Championships conducted during the current calendar year. View
14. Action taken by the FAI for prevention of age fraud. View
15. Notifying/updating the present selection Committee for National athletes. View
16. Note on efforts for having dope free sports and compliance to WADA / NADA Code along with details of cases found positive View
17. Details (amount & source) of funds received from other sources, including private sponsors, public sector undertakings, State Governments, etc. View
18. Revenue generated by the NSF on its own. View
19. The date on which the website was last updated. View
20. CAG Empannelled Auditor of Fencing Association of India View
21. Secretary Annual Report View
22. Details of Athletes for National Championship View
23. Utilization Certificate, Audit Report & Sanction Order View
24. RTI CPIO View
25. Registration Certificate of Affiliated State/UTs View
26. Complaints Committee View
27. All Fencer List View

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